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Counseling for Women | Fort Collins


Clients are typically drawn

to work with me on the

following issues:


• Abuse

• Aging

• Anxiety & Panic

• Death & Dying

• Depression

• Divorce & Separation

• EMDR & Trauma

• Empowerment

• Grief & Loss

• Infertility

• Life Transitions

• Loss of Voice

• Menopause

• Pregnancy Loss


• Relationship Issues

• Secondary Infertility

• Serious Illness

• Spiritual Exploration

• Stress

• Trauma

• Women's Issues

I am often times asked...

Do you work with male clients?

Yes, absolutely! I have worked with a number of male clients and enjoy working with either men or women.

I promote myself as counseling for women because many of the issues I work with are specific to women.

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"Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?"

~Mary Oliver


Throughout our lives we face many wonderful yet challenging changes and transitions. We can find ourselves fulfilling many roles, some that are not in alignment with who we are. I invite you to enter into a safe and accepting environment where you can be with your struggles and vulnerability, explore options, and reclaim your strength and wisdom. I respect the essence of the path that is right for you whether that be traditional therapy, art therapy, EMDR, ritual, empowered journeying, or mindfulness. Come as you are and explore what you want to do with your “one wild and precious life.”


Each client has an unique way of approaching therapy. How we work together depends largely on what you want to accomplish, and how you prefer to work. As we work together, here are some of the modalities I draw from in order to support you on your individual journey.


Mindfulness-Based Therapy


Mindfulness is the foundation of my work. My approach is holistic in that I take into account what is happening for you in your mind, body, and spirit. A very effective way to address these three aspects is through mindfulness. Mindfulness is turning one's awareness to the present moment and all that it holds. This is done without judgement. Just being aware of what is happening in this moment right now. What we notice is held with compassion. If you take a moment right now to notice your experience, you may realize that you are mentally exhausted, your body needs you to slow down or rest, and you feel disconnected to your inner wisdom. By witnessing your thoughts and feelings in the therapy session, you and I can both validate your experience, enabling you relate to yourself from a new perspective. It is the importance of being seen and witnessed with acceptance and compassion. 




Transpersonal Psychology bridges psychology and spirituality, holding the belief that human being needs both psychological well-being and spiritual well-being, while affirming the need for healing and growth on all levels. With this perspective comes the recognition of the client’s true nature, inner light, and beauty. 


EMDR Therapy


Negative self beliefs and life-limiting patterns develop as a result of traumatic experiences. As a result, the traumatic experiences become stuck in one’s body resulting in blocked energy and physical symptoms. EMDR, a powerful psychotherapeutic practice, taps into one’s innate ability to heal, facilitates the release of the blocked energy, and brings integration and healing. Visit the EMDR therapy page to learn more.


Art Therapy

Every person has a an individual way of knowing oneself. Engaging with art materials, and allowing your artwork to reflect back to you your own experience, can provide powerful insights and guidance. Just as some experiences are too difficult to put into words — such as the love you feel for another person — art provides a means for expressing the inexpressible.


Integrative Therapy


Each of us holds within a multitude of "parts" or aspects. For example, you may have an "accountant" aspect that is good at updating the checkbook. The accountant is different than the "adventurous travelor" aspect. Although when the adventurous travelor wants to plan the next excursion, s/he may invite the accountant to methodically plan and prepare for the trip in order to make sure all the details are covered. The trouble begins if the accountant takes over and doesn't consult the adventurous travelor on whether or not to go skydiving because it wasn't on the travel agenda. 


Have you ever had trouble making up your mind between two choices?  One part of you wants A and one part wants B. This is very common as you can see in the above example. Opposing parts each have valuable input to contribute. It is when these parts come into unresolved conflict that we experience discomfort in our lives. The work of integrative therapy is to expore these various parts and help them come into a cooperative alignment.


One way to accomplish is by bringing SoulCollage, an arts-based process described here, into our sessions. We can also do parts work without involving artmaking.


Guided Visualization


Guided visualizations provide a method for facilitating mindfulness on a deeper, more relaxed state. Going into a deeply relaxed state gives you access in your inner wisdom and guidance. Some clients have reported feeling relief from physical pain. Many have said they feel a profound sense of calm.




Ritual is meaning making. By lighting a candle to honor the strengths you are acknowledging for the first time, or using a water ceremony to wash away old fears that no longer serve you, you can connect with deeper meaning in your life. We can also use ritual to mark pivotal moments in your life or to honor a loved one who has passed. Rituals provide the opportunity to connect with our experience in a deeper and more heartfelt way.

EMDR Therapy
Tapping into your body's innate wisdom to heal.

Discover SoulCollage.
An intuitive collage process
for self-discovery.

Counseling for Women
Compassionate and empowering psychotherapy.

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