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About Teresa


Clients are typically drawn

to work with me on the

following issues:


• Abuse

• Aging

• Anxiety & Panic

• Death & Dying

• Depression

• Divorce & Separation

• EMDR & Trauma

• Empowerment

• Grief & Loss

• Infertility

• Life Transitions

• Loss of Voice

• Pregnancy Loss


• Relationship Issues

• Serious Illness

• Spiritual Exploration

• Stress

• Trauma

• Women's Issues

I entered into this work through my own healing journey sparked by a deeply distressing crisis in my early 20s. The crisis stopped me in my fast-paced tracks and left me feeling lost and ungrounded. Fortunately, I have had many wise women and mentors throughout my life. These women have shown me the strength and fierceness that resides within, and the wisdom of a life lived with grace, love, intention, and openness. One such woman came into my life as I worked through the crisis. She was my therapist. What started out as a painful experience turned out to be a gift, and a life-long journey that has brought me to this work that I feel fiercely passionate about — the work of helping others find healing.


Therapy in a Safe and Empowering Environment


As a therapist and fellow journeyer, my style is down-to-earth, compassionate, supportive, caring, and empowering. I respect the essence of the path (and pace) that is right for you whether that be traditional therapy, art therapy, EMDR, ritual, or mindfulness. I create
a safe and accepting environment for you to be with your vulnerability, claim your strength and wisdom, and explore options. I truly believe that each of us holds within the inherent wisdom to heal towards wholeness. Yet why do we struggle in our lives? I believe it is because this wisdom has been covered up by past traumas and hurts, and beliefs we formed about ourselves that are simply not true. We have lost our way as we have separated from our intrinsic wisdom.


There are a number of reasons people choose to work with me. They include identity exploration, feeling empty or purposeless, infertility, pregnancy loss, adjusting to life changes, women's issues, serious illness, death and dying, understanding and reducing anxiety or depression, grief and loss, divorce and separation, trauma, PTSD, abuse, and spiritual exploration. I bring both extensive training and life experience to this work.


I hold a Master of Arts degree in Transpersonal Counseling Psychology with an emphasis in Art Therapy from Naropa University. The Naropa University art therapy program combines mindfulness meditation training, studio art, and a synthesis of traditional and transpersonal approaches to counseling. I have also received post-graduate school training in EMDR (Level I, II, and advanced), trauma work, infertility and third party reproduction, grief and loss, hospice and palliative care, sandtray therapy, and mindfulness meditation.


Following graduate school I worked as a grief counselor for Pathways Hospice in Fort Collins. The work was richly rewarding. I supported clients as they made their way through the deep, deep pain of losing a loved one through a death event. I also worked with hospice patients and their families to prepare for death. Part of my responsiblities included supporting the staff through in-service presentations, art experientials, and the formation of a staff mindfulness meditation group. Serving others in a hospice setting taught me to live more fully and openly into each moment. 


Art as a Spiritual Practice


Engaging in my own ongoing growth is an important part of my work
as a therapist and healer. Continually making art and engaging in a spiritual practice are vital aspects of my growth work. I have a daily meditation practice and am continually finding ways to bring mindfulness in to each day.


Making art is a way for me to ask and answer questions that come into my life. Through art making I am able to explore areas that I seek to understand better. Sometimes the questions arrive as images asking to be brought forth without explanation. The answers and insights are revealed as I engage with the materials. The inquiries themselves are as varied as the materials I work with reflected in the range of mediums I have used over the years.


Working in clay has been a constant throughout my life. I have also worked in acrylic and oil paint, collage, fiber arts and weaving, natural objects, and mixed media to name a few. I work in whichever medium helps me to explore each question. Bringing forth images is an integral part of my spiritual practice, as the artwork brings me into relationship with my self, which in turn becomes a catalyst for growth and insight.
In this way, the artwork and artist become co-creators.


Licensure, Education & Professional Trainings


LPC, Licensed Professional Counselor,

State of Colorado, LPC.0012035


ATR-BC, Board Certified Art Therapist,

Art Therapy Credentials Board, ATR #14-020


MA, Transpersonal Counseling Psychology & Art Therapy

Naropa University, Boulder, CO, 2012


BFA, Communication Design.

College of Visual Arts, St. Paul, MN, 1996


BS, Mass Communications, Marketing minor.

Minnesota State University, Moorhead, MN, 1987

The Heart of Trauma: Healing our Embodied Brains in the Context of Relationships Workshop Series, Bonnie Badenoch, PhD, LMFT, and Jo Hadlock-King, LICSW; Vancouver, WA, 2019

Nurturing the Heart with the Brain in Mind: A Year-Long,
Experience-Rich Training in the Application of Interpersonal Neurobiology, Bonnie Badenoch, PhD, LMFT, and Jo Hadlock-King, LICSW; Vancouver, WA, 2018

Incubated in Rhythm Workshop: Moving with the Tempo of our

Inner World, Theresa Kestley, PhD and Bonnie Badenoch, PhD, LMFT; Corrales, NM, 2018

Trauma and the Embodied Brain: Interpersonal Neurobiology,
Bonnie Badenoch, PhD, LMFT, 2017

Sand and Spirit: Cross-Cultural Considerations, Sandtray Training Institute of New Mexico, Wendy Thunderchief, MA, LPCC and Theresa Kestly, PhD; Corrales, NM, 2016

Post Graduate Training in Infertility for Mental Health Professionals American Society for Reproductive Medicine, 2015

Advanced EMDR Training, Attachment-Focused EMDR: 
Healing Developmental Deficits and Adults Abused as Children

Laurel Parnell, PhD, Phoenix, AZ, 2015


Core Shamanism Workshop: Embracing Life with Heart and Spirit

Renna Shesso, Denver, CO, 2014


EMDR II (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) 

Levels I & II Training

Awake Mind (Julie Greene, MA, LPC), Boulder, CO, 2012


Alzheimer’s Learning Institute Courses End-of-Life Dementia Care

Alzheimer’s Association Colorado Chapter, Fort Collins, CO, 2012


Transition Guidance (death care and home funeral guidance)
Foundational Course, 
Natural Transitions, Boulder, CO, 2011


Symbol Formation: An Urgent Response to Trauma Intensive Course

Marylhurst University Art Therapy Dept., Lake Oswego, OR, 2007


SoulCollage Facilitator Training

Seena Frost, MDiv, MA, Santa Cruz, CA, 2006


Sandplay and Creative Methods with Children 

Seattle Jung Society, Seattle, WA, 2006


Seeking, Losing, and Finding our Way Summer Intensive Course

New York Jung Society, New York, NY, 2006


EMDR Therapy
Tapping into your body's innate wisdom to heal.

Counseling for Women
Compassionate and empowering psychotherapy.

New to Counseling?
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