SoulCollage Workshops

SoulCollage Workshops are offered in a teaching environment.They are not individual or group counseling, but rather a coming together of individuals, each on their own spiritual exploration journey. If you would like to experience SoulCollage therapeutically, that is something we can do in an individual counseling session

Teresa Barrett, MA, LPC, ATR is a SoulCollage Certified Facilitator

SoulCollage cards are used only for the cardmaker’s own inner exploration, and never sold, traded, or bartered.

As creators of SoulCollage cards, we are grateful to those artists and photographers

who make this deep awakening process possible, and are respectful of their rights. 

Meet Saoirse.
Therapist and fellow journeyer.

Counseling for Women
Compassionate and empowering psychotherapy.

Discover SoulCollage.
An intuitive collage process
for self-discovery.