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Grief Counseling


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“Meeting people in a genuine way and feeling like there is a vital and meaningful connection going on makes me come alive.” ~ Sharon Salzberg 


We are living in uncertain times. How do we cope with it all? A major factor in determining whether what we are experiencing becomes trauma is whether we feel alone, or whether someone is with us as we go through it. In other words, do we feel accompanied? We are wired for connection. It is part of our biology that we yearn for safe and supportive connections our entire lives. So what do we do when we don't feel we can engage in our normal ways of connecting? How do we find the support we need?

It can be complicated because we are all going through this together.


It is wonderful to know that everyone around you is having a shared experience. Yet you may find that friends and loved ones who would be there for you in an instant may be coping with their own life changes and don't have the bandwidth to offer support. Having an impartial person to talk and work things through with can be healing whenever we are feeling alone or overwhelmed. As a therapist and healer, it is my life's work to be a helper in times like theses. I offer a safe and sound space for you to explore your struggles, express your frustrations, and explore options that are best for you. 


No, you are not "doing this wrong" or "badly" by not getting a lot done, or having interest in much right now. 

It is likely you, like many of us, are grieving many losses at once. Below are some of the signs of grief you may experiencing:


• Sadness

• Anger

• Guilt, Self-Blame

• Anxiety

• Loneliness

• Fatigue

• Powerless

• Shock

• Longing

• Numbness

• Empty feeling in stomach

• Tightness in chest

• Tightness in throat

• Increased sensitivity to noise

• Sense of unreality

• Shortness of breath

• Muscle weakness

• Low energy

• Dry mouth

• Disbelief

• Confusion

• Preoccupation

• Sleep pattern changes

• Change in appetite

• Foggy brain

• Disinterest in public activities

• Sighing

• Crying

• Restlesness



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