Fertility Counseling

Common responses 
to infertility:


• Anxiety

• Depression

• Grief

• Anger

• Frustration

• Self-doubt

• Shame

• Guilt

• Blame

• Confusion

• Jealousy

• Envy

• Feeling isolated

• Feeling defective or broken

• Being overwhelmed

• Feeling numb or foggy

• Anger towards your body

"For those who deeply want children and are denied them, 
 those missing babies hover like silent,

 ephemeral shadows over their lives.
Who can describe the feel of a tiny hand that is never held?"

 ~ L. Bush


Infertility can be an all-encompassing and heartbreaking journey. There is often times little room for the emotional pain and stress that goes with infertility and pregnancy loss. Yet, inside you may be having feelings of anxiety, shame, self-doubt, blame, guilt, confusion, jealousy,  isolation, or defectiveness to name a few. 


How do I know when I need help?


As you move through your monthly cycle, it can become confusing not knowing where to turn for support. There are already so many people involved in what starts out as a very personal and intimate journey of trying to conceive a child. 


Feeling like you are on a roller coaster of emotions and reactions is completely normal during any journey to achieve pregnancy. It is when your quality of life and/or your relationships to yourself, your partner or others, begin to suffer that it is time to ask for support. You need not walk this journey alone. 


Common Reasons Clients Choose to Seek Infertility Support


You are feeling isolated on your fertility journey. Friends and family have difficulty understanding what this is like for  you. The stress you are both under has created conflict between you and your partner. You are avoiding certain settings or situations where you may run into a pregnant woman. You have had one or mulitple miscarriage/s and have not had a chance to truly grieve. You are feeling immobile and are having difficulty deciding what to do next. You are not able to find even a moment of joy in your day. You are feeling foggy, are not able to concentrate, or feel fatigued most of  the time. Your entire life and sense of meaning revolves around trying to get pregnant. You are feeling out of touch with the rhythms of your body and the reason for your journey. You are questioning your ability as a woman. Help is available.


Individual & Couples Counseling


Meeting individually provides the opportunity to process on a deeper, more personal level, focusing on particular issues and challenges. Counseling can also help individuals and couples develop coping skills, and avoid common problems inherent in the process.


Grief Counseling


For many, infertility is a lifelong diagnosis. The layers of sadness and grief can resurface throughout one’s lifetime. Counseling can provide insight and relief for the emotional upheaval and perplexing symptoms of grief and loss resulting from infertility at any stage of your life.


Receive Support from a Fellow Journeyer


Going through fertility treatments is like joining a secret society that you don't really want to belong to. As a woman who has been through her own fertility journey, I offer deeply empathic and compassionate support to you on your own infertility journey. One of the aspects of my fertility journey that stood out was sitting in the waiting room of the fertility clinic with other women on a similar journey, and we were not talking to one another. I wondered why do we have to do this alone? Why are we not talking to one another and sharing what this is like and how hard it is to those who would understand it the most? It is those questions that really sparked my passion for helping others on their own infertility journeys. Artmaking became my method for finding support in the disconnection I was feeling.


Below is a painting created while undergoing fertility treatments. The piece depicts the helplessnes I was feeling in my ongoing inability reach the child I so much desired.

While my journey is not yours, I offer this information as a way to say, 
I have an idea of the pain you may be going through. You need not struggle on your own.

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